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Power Adaptor for LCRMKIII, Copla Step Up and LCR Gold

We include an AC to AC Power Adaptor with our LCRMKIII, Copla and LCR Gold.

The power adaptors are 18VAC 500mA for US and Canada and 16VAC 500mA for international use with appropriate input voltage.

The power adaptor must have a barrel plug of 2.1 mm to fit into our power jack. Any AC to AC power adaptor will work as long as it meets the specifications below:

  • 16 up to 20 VAC

  • at least 500 mA

  • 2.1 barrel plug

The power adaptor is a transformer only. The rectification, filtering and voltage regulation is built into the LCRMKIII, Copla Step Up and LCR Gold

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