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Herb Reichert, Feb 2018

Our LCRMKIII and Copla make it to a corner in Herb's Gramophone Dreams! :)

Richard Varey, Oct 2016

​"I see my job at TNT-Audio as connecting clever innovators with discerning hi-fi enthusiasts, and so I immediately recognised these two products as just what our readers love to read about."

-Richard Varey

Frederic Beudo, Jan 2016

"Blue Moon award to both components, individually and jointly (referring to LCMKIII and Copla). Sonically they are outstanding …”

“Lounge Audio is a familiar phrase at New Record Day. In fact, its often the subject of conversation even on a daily basis as the emails pour in. My review of the Lounge phono preamp has encouraged newcomers to the vinyl show and inspired many to dust off their old Technics and Duals. Bottom line, The Lounge MKIII is affordable and sounds awesome. Making its debut appearance at the show,  Robert walks us through the brand new Copla! For those who wanna hang onto the Lounge and move into the realm of Moving Coils, this is nothing but good news for you and your wallet."

Ron Brenay, T.H.E Show Newport, 2015
Robert walks us through the brand new Copla! A moving coil step-up amplifier


Noam Bronstein, May 2015

"Overall, the Lounge preamp happily revealed what was in front of it, and was always musical; it never sounded artificial or fatiguing, the way so many low-budget components can and often do.
I would rate this phono preamp above all the direct competitors that I’m familiar with .... Mated to a good MC cartridge and SUT, it makes music come alive, with drive and verve, in a way that’s really unheard of at this price level. Again, please bear in mind the context in which I’ve employed the Lounge. You could start off using it in a very basic system, even with a vintage Dual or Pioneer belt-drive, and build your way up around this unit. It’s that good."

Spotlight - 2014 Product of the Year - Budget Component January 2015

"...Lounge Audio is a small but mighty California company that is building a great reputation with this killer phonostage for analog lovers...."

Jerold O'Brien, October 2014

"... I'm so intrigued with not only the timbral accuracy of this phonostage, but the way it recreates spatial cues and the impression of size in the musical picture painted... Talk about solid fundamentals.

...No matter what kind of music you enjoy the Lounge LCRMKIII doesn't miss a beat."

Ron Brenay, September, 2014

"If there was one review that I have done so far that I would want people getting into vinyl to take very seriously, this would be it. The Lounge LCRMKIII is so much more than a phono preamp that does things right, it achieves top shelf performance using just about any moving magnet or high output moving coil cartridges out there and sounds like a million bucks. For anyone, and I mean ANYONE who wants to get into vinyl and is looking for a fantastic sounding phono preamp for the cart options mentioned, this is where you should start and finish. End of story."

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