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USA, 2018

I wanted to report my impressions regarding the "silver" upgrade following 2 1/2 weeks of use. The improvement was immediately noticed. Detail with individual instruments was noticeably improved and easily detected. I cannot imagine a better cost-to-benefit upgrade investment in my audio system. I cannot over-stress how impressed I am with your product. Thanks, Larry


I hope that this review helps many people when it comes to improving their sound equipment. My equipment is humble: AMP Sansui Au-719 Full recaped, Turntable Sansui SRS-838 with Ortofon 2M Ortofon Bronze MM. All this, connected to a Monitor Audio Bronze bookshelf. I've been collecting vinyl for a little less than 10 years, and during all this time I was learning and discovering many things. For a long time I thought that the phono Preamp of my Sansui amplifier was more than enough, even having a phono ART DJ USB2 Pre that I used in my first vintage old TT. I do not consider myself an audiophile but Im musician and I think that over the years I learned to listen and detect the weak points of my audio. More than 1 year ago I began to notice that my audio had a very intense bass and treble that I liked but inside all that audio attack much definition was lost. I started listening without Loudness and I noticed an improvement but I still felt that I lost a lot of body and not even the tone knobs compensated. Then there was rescue of a baul my ART DJ and I put him as active PREphono. Everything changed at that moment. I noticed the sound much warmer, without all that pre-built attack but with a good definition. The sound yes, too flat, but with a little help from the Tone came to a very nice result. That was when I started my search, I understood the importance of the phono and that probably a GOOD pre compensated all the cadences of the ART. I live in Argentina, here it is impossible to get quality and price, only the most economic comes and something that can become "Hifi" worth 3 or 4 times what is worth in the US or Europe. I went to the forums, to Youtube, to FB and without doubt there was one in all that was highlighted: Lounge. That's when I ended up watching Robert's videos on his website and understanding what I needed. All the love he put into his work, is the one I'm hearing today. It has been running the Lounge for +5 hours and this is what I can tell you: The Tone knob is off. The Loudness knob is off. If my amplifier did not have these options today, it would not be a problem for me anymore. The quality with which it sounds is INCREDIBLE. All the attack that I had in a moment, is balanced with a quality and a remarkable depth. The mid are perfect, the voices sound simple, clear, clean and in front. I can listen to the instrument I want during the whole song and in no time I will feel that it is playing mixed with others. The sound is warm, it has a body but at the same time lets see the depth of each instrument in the original track. I do not use reissue vinyls, I only buy originals presses and always in 9 points. The Lounge somehow manages to eliminate much of the inner groove and that is something that also surprised me, as I read a lot of people talking about this and it was hard to believe that it was possible. I already heard part of: Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, Sade and the feeling is on all the albums equal. It's discovering my records again, all that I KNOW that was there today sounds appears and sounds better than ever! I can't wait to pass the 30hours of use for the break. Thanks Daniela and Robert for the service and attention! Always ready to help me in everything from the 1st day we started with this adventure until very recently. It was 2 and a half months of waiting, but today I can enjoy and tell you that without a doubt, it was the best U $ S300 that I invested in my life. (And that's a lot of money in this country) Thank you! Diego Buenos Aires, Argentina!


The Lounge Audio LCR MK3 is an interesting phono stage that I've come to love and admire more that I use. I have quite a few phono stages and I think what I admire most about MK3 is its eminently satisfying and realistic bass 'weight'. Many of todays phono stages seem to possess either a lacking lower bass (possibly due to 'rumble filtering' or whatever, along with slightly over apparent treble. Listening to the MK3 just sounds 'right' to my ears. Maybe there isn't a 'wow' factor, as quite a few phono seem to have, leading to longer term listening fatigue. The MK3 ultimately sounds like a very realistic sounding phono stage that one can listen to for hours with no listening fatigue what so ever! I'll take that every time!

USA, 2018

I had looked long and hard for a quality phono preamp at an affordable price, when I came across some reviews of the Lounge MKIII. They were quite remarkable. To a mark, every one that I read said that this truly fine LCR based RIAA phono preamp was comparable or better than other pre's costing upwards of $2.000.00. There is a 15 day in-home return policy, so if there is a problem of any kind, you can return it. I decided to take the plunge and go for the silver wire version for an extra $150.00 because I'm familiar with the difference between copper and silver wire in other audio gear. I also purchased a pair of Robert's cables to go from the MKIII to my Yaqin MC-10 all tube integrated amplifier. It has a quad of matched Russian military grade SED Winged C 6L6's in the power section, and a matched quad of Russian military grade Svetlana's 6N1's in the front end. After rolling tubes several times, I found these tubes to be the quintessential for this particular integrated. This 10 year old integrated weighs almost 55lbs. and has been bulletproof since I purchased it new in 2028. It is rated at 55 watts per channel. All critical listening is done using a Clearaudio Emotion turntable with the Satisfy tonearm and a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S Walnut MM cartridge. Speakers used ae a vintage pair of Harmon Kardon 60 speakers. They are a semi D'Apollito design with 2 Morel 8"bass drivers top and bottom, a wonderful 4" Morel cloth dome driver for the mids, and an Alesis 1 1/2" cloth dome tweeter. They are rated at 93db sensitivity, so there is plenty of power on board when needed. I would be remiss if I didn't first mention owners Robert Mira and his lovely wife Danila. They are a true mom and pop shop, where Robert hand builds and tests each unit prior to delivery, and Daniela handles all of the bookwork and shipping. They are personally available to help with any problems or questions 5 days a week. A nicer couple you will never meet. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Robert prior to my purchase and he was great. He wash honest, incredibly knowledgable, and above all, compassionate about making a true, all analog, LCR based phono preamp for the masses. Now, not just the wealthy have the means of buying a phono pre that will move your system to the next level or even higher. My listening began with the new impulse release of John Coltrane's "The Lost Sessions" on the Impulse label. Immediately, I noticed that the sound stage was huge. I had sounds coming from places in my listening room than I have ever experienced before. Bass is very tight and extended, and the mids are lush and warm. The high end is marvelous. Not strident or compressed. Next up was a personal favorite of mine, a digitally remastered version of The Chick Corea Electric Band with John Patitucci on bass, and Dave Weck on drums. I have already worn out 2 copies of this incredible over the years. All I can say is wow. It was as if they had come to my home to perform. Bass extension is phenomenal, the mids are present and life-like, and the high end is superb. I'm now hearing crash symbols and small nuances that I had never heard before. In closing, I could not be more impressed with such an affordable piece of gear than this one. Build quality is top notch both inside and out, using the highest quality parts sourced from across the globe. This preamp was based on the design of the Tango EQ-600P, which is no longer manufactured and cost $7500.00 dollars even back in 2004. If you have ever read about it, you will find that a host of reviewers say that it is still the industry standard to this day, and if it it sounds like the MKIII, I can understand why Robert chose it as his starting point. I could go on and on about this remarkable product, buy I will finish by saying that If there is a better LCR based RIAA phono preamp available, it would have to meet some lofty goals to meet or exceed this amazing little box. Try one. You will NOT be disappointed.

USA, 2018

Your phonostage arrived in perfect shape and is sitting on my Candela preamp, from nearby Odyssey, working fine for my Rega P3. It's hooked up now to the preamp with grocery-store interconnects, so I do need to take care of that, and also a better power strip. Anyway, thanks for your good work!

USA, 2018

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for an excellent product and amazing customer service. I'm loving the MKIII. Time to upgrade my cartridge to really take advantage of it. I love dealing with smaller companies that hand-build their product and take the time to answer any questions. Thanks a

USA, 2018

MY LCR MKIII gets its signal from a Marantz TT-15S turntable (using a ClearAudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge) and feeds into a PrimaLuna DiaLogue HP Premium Integrated amplifier, which reports directly to the KEF LS50 speakers. Here's the deal: the Lounge pre-amp is the least expensive component in this circuit, but it's probably the most surprising. I tried Parasound's JC 3 Jr., which is five times the price yet presents music through a dull veneer. The LCR MKIII is vibrant, subtle, textured, quick, noiseless, and (if only I could eat the music it produces) downright delicious. It's the real deal.

USA, 2018

I bought the Lounge Audio LCR MkIII on a whim. I came across it on eBay and after some research decided to go for it as it was also within my budget. I was using a freind's Schiit Mani in the meantime. When I put the LCR MkIII in place of the Mani, WOW. It sounded more analog and tubey compared to the Schiit. I wanted to like the Mani, it was small, well-built and had MC cartridge capability. It just didn't involve me emotionally with the music. I was using it in combination with a Dual CS-5000 and Ortofon Super OM 20 cartridge. I use the Copla with my Bluenote Bellavista turntable, Rega RB-300 tonearm and Benz Micro Glider combo and love the on-the-fly adjustable loading. Couldn't be happier. Customer Service is first rate and Robert is a great guy to deal with who obviously believes in his products and is passionate about making vinyl sound good at a reasonable price.


USA, 2018

Great service, received unit in a very timely manner. Hooked it up, wow what a difference. Love it. I was using a TC-760 LC, my starter phono stage, it was inexpensive and got me listening to some vinyl again, but I knew there was more to be had. I like that you're a small company that works over the internet and by word of mouth. Fantastic value. In the packaging , did it mention that your working on another power source for the LCR? I would be interested in any thing you produce. If I go for a MC cart in the future, Ill be calling for a Copla. Thanks again.


USA, 2018

My thanks to both Robert and Daniela. The LCR pre-amp far exceeds it's price point in quality and performance. I could give you all the audiophile things it does well but will not. The unit plays musically so well I think this says it all. Most preamps fall short on this.

Robert and Daniela are also great people to deal with and talk to! Thanks again. 

-Earl Helm

USA, 2017

Received my order today. Sounds amazing. Paired with a VPI Scout, Cambridge Audio CXA 80, Elac Uni-fi UB5 speakers and a Grado Reference Platinum. Replaced a Pro-ject Phono Box S which was definitely holding the rest of system back. Sounds really lovely.

-Don Stevens

USA, 2017

Bought this based on several reviews and MAN were they accurate! The sound stage was like going from a full screen tv to a wide screen. The detail of the stereo separation was unbelievably accurate. You could pinpoint the arrangements in each L&R channel. Combined with the specific length cables courtesy of Lounge Audio and the recommended Denon DL-110 HOMC cartridge and you have pure sonic bliss. Customer service is like communicating with a good friend. You'll WANT to talk with these people not to complain but to praise! Many thanks!!!

-Demetrius Jones

USA, 2017

I recently purchased two of your LCR MKIIIs, one for my step-daughter and one for myself. My step-daughter's turntable is a Pro-Ject RPM3 Carbon with a Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 HO MC cartridge. My turntable is a customized Rega PR6 by JWM Acoustics with an Ortofon 2M Black MM cartridge. The LCR MKIIIs have been stellar with both setups. I first learned of the LCR MKIII from Ron's review on NewRecordDay.

-Michael Lundy

USA, 2017

Just picked up a mint used LCR MKIII and I am exceptionally impressed with the lovely sound emanating from this box. I have tried numerous preamps from a Project Phono Box to a recapped Carver C-1 including a few integrated amps, Pioneer SA-1000 is my favorite. This baby is a perfect blend of sound, sound stage, and price and I don't have to replace any fried parts or disassemble the unit for the semi-annual switch cleaning ritual. I did however do one small upgrade. I replaced the regular ol' phillip's screws for some black Allen screws. A whopping $1.50 upgrade but I think it really improves the already good looks.

-Ben Guzman

USA, 2017

I've spent years listening to several other $1k+ phono preamps that always failed to deliver in some respect - bright, soft bass impact, poor imaging, etc. The LCR was the first one to sound "right" in my system - one completely free of distortion artifacts, letting the cartridge true sound through. This preamplifier is fantastic. I suspect it will be the constant in my analog rig for years.

-Gregory Kirkos

USA, 2016


“Beasty Boys. Video by Lounge Audio Customer.
A Lounge Audio customer sent us these two videos. This is a Denon DL-301ii Moving Coil Cartridge driving Copla with LCRMKIII. Even with the Iphone bottleneck, his system is able to push some HiFi goodness through."

USA, 2016


“Video by Lounge Audio Customer. Fleetwood Mac.
Part II more Denon DL 301 / Lounge Audio goodness."

USA, 2016

I bought an lcr and a copla off an older gentleman who was getting out of vinyl. Any plans on upgrading the power supply or better still a supply that would power both. Very happy with both products.

-Daniel Pierce

USA, 2016

Every record has its own character through this preamp. The timbre, dynamics, and soundstage vary drastically between LPs, revealing how well (or how poorly) the mastering engineer did his/her job. But this level of honesty still conveys the music without added harshness. This fits my personal definition of fidelity: nothing added and nothing taken away.

-Martin Tousignant

USA, 2016

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new LCR Mkiii... I put it against several other stages, all of which were returned :) The unit just keeps getting better with play. My next purchases will be the Denon 110 you recommended, and a Jelco cable to go with what I think is the Jelco arm on my Kenwood. I used to have stupid expensive high end stuff and it all just got out of hand. Chucked it all and have been slowly building back an affordable system that conveys the joy of the music, and your phono stage has been a big step in that direction."

-Tim E

USA, 2016

So I received my Copla on Wednesday. I had to work for a couple hours more so I had to wait to set it up. After getting it setup in my very moderate system consisting of a lot of hodge podge and vintage gear, I put the album Aja by Steely Dan on the turntable. I chose this recording as it is a very good recording. The turntable is a highly modified Technics SL-110 with a Grace 707 tonearm using a Denon 301 MKII. My preamp is a vintage Belles DMM with MM phono stage. After turning everything on and lowering the tonearm on the record, I began to “dial in” the Copla. When I got to about 12 o’clock or around the 100 Ohm loading setting, everything started sounding as it should. I sat down and didn’t stop listening for the next four and a half hours. After Aja, I put on the Telarc Digital recording of the Firebird Suite, then some electronic music, some Americana, Radiohead, and more. Everything sounded better than it ever had in my system. I adjusted the Transimpedence setting for the different recordings to get each just right. Each adjustment was minor, but did make a difference. Couldn’t have done that with a standard SUT. I am thoroughly pleased with the Copla, so far. The ability to “dial in” the correct loading is tremendous. Before I decided to go with the Copla, I had been looking at several standard SUT’s. I’m grateful I made the decision to go with the Copla. The ability to truly tune your cartridge in is a game changer. With a standard SUT you will always be limited in how close you can get to the correct loading. With the Copla, you can get it right. Thank you so much for developing the Copla. I’m hopeful more will see the benefits of Transimpedence and this beautiful technology. Oh yes, it’s beautiful to just look at too. Thanks.

-Roger Fye

USA, 2016

I read every possible review on sub 1k phono stages for over a year, no joke. My finances are always very tight so my '' ''audiophile'' dollars have to go very far indeed. I've had the LCR MK iii for a bout a year now. Have you ever played a beloved passage, and it sound so magical, you giggle? (It's OK you can admit it..) I do a lot of giggling! I'm not a professional reviewer, I have a modest system, Emotiva, Axiom Audio, JVC Ql A2, Sure M97Xe set up. I haven't been exposed to other systems as none of my friends share this passion. All I know is, when I'm listening, I'm a very very happy boy. That is why we listen! Also the owner, Robert Morin is a true gentleman!!! I emailed him a question about integrating the LCR in my system. He not only responded quickly, but he took the time to look up all the specs on my equipment to give the best possible answer. What!!? Who does that?? If you want a beautiful sounding phono stage built by a very kind and passionate man this is it! Get it and giggle.

-Robert Surprenant

Canada, 2016

I replaced my Cambridge Audio 640p with the Lounge Mk3 and the difference was unbelievable I am running a Sota Sapphire with a Grado Reference Platinum V2, Cambridge Audio 650 intergated amp , Paradigm Studio 60's Everything is better, soundstage, depth, imaging, detail, and where I was running with bass/treble at 2 oclock, I am now running it flat The bass is so tight , full and just easy, Tracy Chapman never sounded as good Great product , shipped the same day as I ordered it, and recieved it in 2 days , delivered Blaine, WA.

-Robert Six

Denmark, 2016

I bought the Lounge LCR MKlll at the UK distributor. Very good experience. It`s very well built, and sounds very good. It has none of the "I am trying to impress you with excessive brigthnes and air." When you know that, you will hear how honest and truthful to the source it really is. I wonder about the negative Youtube review. I have both the Schiit Mani and the Rega he compared it to, and it beats them big time. It is in another league IMO. YMMV, but just sit down and listen to, and get used to it`s a bit "different", and you will probably know what I am talking about. Highly recommended for good systems.

-Soren Larsen

USA, 2015

"Replaced the phono section of my Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated. Nothing in over 40 years of audio has made such a positive change."

-Steven Smith

USA, 2015

"Many Thanks to my man Robert for building such a great Phono Amplifier.. I have other phono amps in the past by different company's and I have to say that this one out beat them hands down.. The Lounge- So Clear, So Clean, So Outstanding!"

-Michael Porter, Customer

Feedback posted by Michael Wang at Audio Asylum
USA, 2012

I'm really amazed by my recent purchase, the LCRMKIII. The control in bass, the tone in midrange and the rendering in high frequency from this phono stage are far beyond what the phono stage in the same price range might achieve. What makes this phono stage different from the others, including the one up to 10 times its price range, is its RIAA network (a passive LCR network) instead of the popular RC network. Highly recommended." Thank you for all your hard work!!!!

-Michael Wang

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