The LCRTube is a hybrid preamp that uses JFET tube cascode configuration.  The tube front end feeds opamps that drive the LCR RIAA circuit. The tubes are 6DJ8 but it can take any other tube of this family such as 6922.   The LCRTube has a three section loading bay to allow for user configurable input impedance to what ever resistor/capacitor termination value you want.  This allows you to have different impedances to accommodate different cartridges eg MM, HOMC, LOMC or the same cartridge with different loading depending on the recording idiosyncrasies or even set it to mono if you like.



RIAA Equalization type: Passive LCR network
Gain: 40dB to 60db 
Input impedance: user configurable
Output impedance: 20 Ohm
Input capacitance: user configurable
Full scale output level: 7.4Vrms XXXXXXXXXXXX
Signal-to-noise ratio: -73db A-weighted with1/f noise dominating (ref. to 0.774Vrms output)
Distortion: 0.15% THD @ 0.774Vrms 1khz output. Composed mostly of 2nd and 4th harmonics. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
AC Adapter: 120VAC 60Hz, 18VAC, 1000ma Wall Cube type.
Amplification Type: Tube/JFET cascode and Class A biased Op-amp
I/O’s: RCA jack 
Dimensions: Height 4 1/4”, Width 11”, Depth 8 1/4” (knobs and switches included) Weight: 6lb 2ounces
Class A biasing on all op-amp stages
Separate discrete voltage regulators for each channel to reduce L-R channel interaction
Shunt regulation on DC power lines
Hand matched capacitors for left /right channel accuracy
Film capacitors used in audio path
Hand crafted in the USA



We ship via USPS Priority Mail 1-3 days with signature confirmation in a large flat rate box (12x12x6) anywhere in the US. 

We ship to any APO/FPO or DPO. We do not ship to proxy logistics companies.


We handcraft the unit at our location and it takes us about a week to ship the preamp from the moment you place the order.

The preamp will have about 16 hours of break in time but it will need some more once you receive the preamp.  You don't need to play music, just have it plugged in.  You will notice better and better frequency extension and less stridency within a couple of days.

We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor, including shipping. 

We offer returns on non-defective units within 15 days of delivery.  If in original condition, with all accessories intact and original receipt we will refund full purchase price minus 10% re-stocking fee.  On non-defective returns, we do not refund shipping costs. Units damaged from use or mishandling will be pro-rated.