The LCR Gold is a high accuracy detailed phonopreamp. When listening via headphones, it gives the feeling of drilling into your vinyl The basics of the circuit design are the same as our flagship product LCRMKIII, but it has volume control and a headphone jack bringing you closer to your vinyl.  How close? Just one well fed dual op-amp away!. Our LCRGold solid state preamp brings you intense transient detail giving you clear separation of instruments, depth and soundstaging with frequency extension in the highs and lows.  This is accomplished in part by point to point silver buss wire soldering techniques for power supply connection of the regulator/op-amp interface thereby increasing the transient response. The power supply is running faster and more effortlessly via a larger format transistor, rectifier and snubber resistors thereby giving the op amp high speed current on demand.

A combination of mica and film capacitors strategically placed, also using point to point techniques, allow a close knit reservoir of immediate current to be available to the semiconductors. The audio portion is upgraded with targeted resistors being reassigned to bulk foil units. Careful attention has been paid to bring out the finer harmonic detail and finesse in our LCR topology.


RIAA Equalization type: Passive LCR network

Headphone jack: 1/4 inch

Volume control

Variable Gain: 0 - 47dB 

Input impedance: 50k Ohm

Output impedance: 20 Ohm @ max. vol. output

Input capacitance: 120pf

Full scale output level before visible clipping: 

       @1KHz  8.66V rms with input of 37mV rms

       @100Hz 9.11V rms with input of 11mV rms

       @10KHz 5.2V rms with iinput of 137mV rms

Signal-to-noise ratio: -74db with1/f noise dominating (ref. to 0.774Vrms output)

Distortion: 0.15% THD @ 0.774Vrms 1khz output. Composed mostly of 2nd and 4th harmonics.

AC Adapter: 120VAC 60Hz, 18VAC, 500ma Wall Cube type.

Amplification Type: Class A biased Op-amp

I/O’s: RCA jack


Dimensions: Height 3”, Width 7 1/2”, Length 5 9/16”


Weight: 2 3/4lb

Hi-speed, video bandwidth op-amps for accurate transient response

Class A biasing on all op-amp stages

Separate discrete voltage regulators for each channel to reduce L-R channel interaction

Shunt regulation on DC power lines

Separate ground paths for audio and power supply circuits

Hand matched capacitors and inductors for left /right channel accuracy
High quality low noise metal film/foil resistors used in critical audio path positions
Film capacitors used in audio path
Polypropylene Foil and Multi-layer ceramic capacitors used for cartridge loading
Bulk Foil resistor used for cartridge loading

Point to point silver wire power supply feeds
Handcrafted in the USA


We ship via USPS Priority Mail 1-3 days with signature confirmation in a large flat rate box (12x12x6) anywhere in the US.   

We ship to any APO/FPO or DPO. We do not ship to proxy logistics companies

We handcraft the unit at our location and it takes us about a week to ship the preamp from the moment you place the order.

The preamp will have about 16 hours of break in time but it will need some more once you receive the preamp.  You don't need to play music, just have it plugged in.  You will notice better and better frequency extension and less stridency within a couple of days.

We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor, including shipping. 

We offer returns on non-defective units within 15 days of delivery.  If in original condition, with all accessories intact and original receipt we will refund full purchase price minus 10% re-stocking fee.  On non-defective returns, we do not refund shipping costs. Units damaged from use or mishandling will be pro-rated.


Can the LCR Gold be used with an MC cartridge?
Not directly.  A step-up amp or a step-up transformer (SUT) would have to be used.  Lounge Audio offers a step-up amp (see Copla).  Jensen and Cinimag are two transformer manufacturers that make SUTs for MC applications.

Is there a break in time with the LCR Gold?
Yes, about 30 to 40 hours to start. You don't have to go crazy trying to keep a record playing. Just power the unit up and play records at your convenience.

Does it use a wall wart for power?
Yes.  We ship our units with an AC to AC power adaptor 16VAC or 18VAC (either voltage works fine) 500mA or higher. 

All our products have linear power supplies internal to the unit, an older and less noisy method. Keep in mind that our power adaptor is only a transformer. Everything else such as rectification, the raw filtering and the voltage regulation, is built into the LCR. 

We QC each power adaptor ourselves before shipping

How do I turn the LCR Gold on/off ?
There is no switch.  We suggest connecting it to a switchable  power strip with all other devices, and  switch the power strip on/off.  You can leave the unit on 24/7 with no adverse effect.

Compatible cartridges
We, at Lounge Audio, are not able to test every cartridge out there but see a list of known cartridges that we use in our lab and/or have been reported by our customers to work well with the LCRMKIII:
Audio Technica AT-440ML
Dynavector 10X5
All Grado moving magnet carts
Grace F9E
Ortofon 2M series
Ortofon VMS 20 Mk II
Rega Exact cartridge
Shure M44g
Shure M97
Shure V15 series
Sumiko Blackbird
Sumiko Blue Point
Clearaudio Maestro V2

What kind of LCR network is used?
Is it an OEM module? The LCR network is a discrete circuit assembled with the rest of the preamp so it is not an OEM module. It is based on the schematic used for the Tango EQ-600P LCR module.



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