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Copla is a moving coil step-up amplifier designed to drive a moving magnet phono pre amp.  It is the active electronic equivalent of a step-up transformer  (SUT), allowing control of active moving coil impedance.  One dial provides variable added richness and dimension to the response of your moving coil cartridge. You use it like a Tone knob. 

Copla has an optically isolated power supply for low noise, allowing liquid, cohesive midrange and deep soundstaging. Solid-state circuitry operates at low impedance for superior hum and noise rejection.  

We include a set of 9 inch interconnects if you own our LCR MKIII so you can easily stack the units. Otherwise, we include a set of 15 inch interconnects.  Contact us if you have questions.  We build our own cables (30 pico farads capacitance per foot) so we can make them any length you want. Length should not exceed 15 inches to preserve fidelity.



Continuous Adjustable Gain: 9 to 27dB 

Continuous Adjustable Input impedance: 300 to 40 ohms Output impedance: 1.5 ohms 

Signal-to-noise ratio: 85db (ref to 0.775VRMS output) 

Distortion: 0.03 %  @-40db output 3rd Harmonic Dominating 

AC Adaptor: 120VAC 60hz, 18VAC, 500ma Wall Cube type. 

Amplification Type: complementary bipolar transistors I/O’s: gold RCA jack 

Dimensions: Height 3”, Width 6.5”, Length 5.8” Weight: 2 lb 15 ounces


LCR MKIII Silver wire will give you much more transient response, resolution and frequency extension than the LCR MKIII.  The LCR MKIII Silver wire gives you more space around the instruments and more sense of pace, rhythm and timing.

The specifications for the LCR MKIII Silver wire are the same as the LCR MKIII except for the gain which is 44db.  The circuit design is the same for both products but the LCR MKIII Silver wire has point to point silver wire in certain parts of the audio, ground and power supply area. The LCR MKIII Silver wire also has more power supply filter capacitors and some key resistors are upgraded. 

The LCR MKIII Silver wire uses the same chassis as the LCR MKIII Standard option. Robert writes "silver wire upgrade" on the bottom of the chassis and signs and dates the unit.

Silver wire


We ship via USPS Priority Mail 1-3 days with signature confirmation in a large flat rate box (12x12x6) anywhere in the US.  


We ship to any APO/FPO or DPO. We do not ship to proxy logistics companies.

We handcraft the unit at our location and it takes us one to two days to ship the preamp from the moment you place the order.

We offer a 1 year warranty on parts and labor, including shipping. 

We offer returns on non-defective units within 15 days of delivery.  If in original condition, with all accessories intact and original receipt we will refund full purchase price minus 10% re-stocking fee.  On non-defective returns, we do not refund shipping costs. Units damaged from use or mishandling will be pro-rated.



I have a non-integrated amplifier, can Copla be connected directly to it?
Copla is a step-up amp so it needs to be connected to a pre-amp or any integrated amplifier that has a phono input.  An MM cartridge source generally outputs between 2 mV and 5 mV. An MC cartridge outputs much less voltage.  Copla amplifies the output signal of the MC cartridge to comply with the minimum required by the MM phono preamp or integrated amplifier.

Will Copla work only with the LCRMKIII?
Copla is designed to work with any MM preamp or any integrated amplifier that has a phono input.

Will Copla work with any type of moving coil?
Copla will work with any cartridge that has a load between 300 and 40 Ohm.


Does it use a wall wart for power?

Yes.  We ship our units with an AC to AC power adaptor 16VAC or 18VAC (either voltage works fine) 500mA or higher. 

All our products have linear power supplies internal to the unit, an older and less noisy method. Keep in mind that our power adaptor is only a transformer. Everything else such as rectification, the raw filtering and the voltage regulation, is built into the LCR. 

We QC each power adaptor ourselves before shipping

How do I turn Copla on/off ?
There is no switch.  We suggest connecting it to a switchable  power strip with all other devices, and  switch the power strip on/off.  You can leave the unit on 24/7 with no adverse effect.

User Manual


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