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USA, 2016

I read every possible review on sub 1k phono stages for over a year, no joke. My finances are always very tight so my '' ''audiophile'' dollars have to go very far indeed. I've had the LCR MK iii for a bout a year now. Have you ever played a beloved passage, and it sound so magical, you giggle? (It's OK you can admit it..) I do a lot of giggling! I'm not a professional reviewer, I have a modest system, Emotiva, Axiom Audio, JVC Ql A2, Sure M97Xe set up. I haven't been exposed to other systems as none of my friends share this passion. All I know is, when I'm listening, I'm a very very happy boy. That is why we listen! Also the owner, Robert Morin is a true gentleman!!! I emailed him a question about integrating the LCR in my system. He not only responded quickly, but he took the time to look up all the specs on my equipment to give the best possible answer. What!!? Who does that?? If you want a beautiful sounding phono stage built by a very kind and passionate man this is it! Get it and giggle.

-Robert Surprenant

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