The LCR Gold is a high accuracy detailed phonopreamp. When listening via headphones, it gives the feeling of drilling into your vinyl The basics of the circuit design are the same as our flagship product LCRMKIII, but it has volume control and a headphone jack bringing you closer to your vinyl.  How close? Just one well fed dual op-amp away!. Our LCRGold solid state preamp brings you intense transient detail giving you clear separation of instruments, depth and soundstaging with frequency extension in the highs and lows.  This is accomplished in part by point to point silver buss wire soldering techniques for power supply connection of the regulator/op-amp interface thereby increasing the transient response. The power supply is running faster and more effortlessly via a larger format transistor, rectifier and snubber resistors thereby given the op amp high speed current on demand.

A combination of mica and film capacitors strategically placed, also using point to point techniques, allow a close knit reservoir of immediate current to be available to the semiconductors. The audio portion is upgraded with targeted resistors being reassigned to bulk foil units. Careful attention has been paid to bring out the finer harmonic detail and finesse in our LCR topology.

LCR Gold MM Phono Preamp


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